Standalone Newsletter Popup for Shopify

For those of you using Shopify on occasion here’s an easy and standalone snippet that will give you a a popup with the default for Shopify newsletter form. There’s a 10 second delay on the popup as well as it creates a cookie to prevent the popup from displaying again for 7 days after initial display.

<!– Newsletter Popup START –>
<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” media=”screen”>
<script src=””></script>
<script src=””></script>
<style>#popupbutton:hover{background: black; color:#eddb5d; border: 0; padding: 5px 15px;} #popupbutton{background: #eddb5d; border: 0; padding: 5px 15px;}#newsletterEmail{margin-top: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px;}#targetpop{text-align: center;}</style>

<a style=”display:none;” id=”various1″ href=”#targetpop”></a>
<div style=”display: none;”>
<div id=”targetpop” class=”newsletter outer relative pv1 ts1″>
<div class=”absolute fit-x”>
<div class=”gradient-background absolute fit-x bg-c1″></div>

<div class=”container–s mha relative tsx mv1″>
<div class=”newsletter__inner mha w1 flex flex-items-center flex-wrap”>

<div class=”newsletter__title mb1 pb05 w1 w12_m cw align-c”>
<h3 class=”mv0″>LA BREWERY NEWSLETTER</h3>
<p class=”mv0″>News, Stockists, Mocktails & More…</p>

<div class=”w1 w12_m” data-component=”newsletter-form”>
<div id=”newsletterSuccess” class=”newsletter__success hide cw fit-x p”>Thanks for signing up!</div>

{% form ‘customer’ %}
{% if form.posted_successfully? %}
<div id=”newsletterSuccess” class=”newsletter__success cw mv05″>
<p>Thank you for signing up!</p>
{% else %}
<div class=”flex flex-items-start”>
<div class=”newsletter__field flex-auto”>
<input id=”newsletterEmail” class=”w1″ name=”contact[email]” type=”email”
placeholder=”Email Address” required
value=”{% if customer %}{{ }}{% endif %}” autocorrect=”off”

<button type=”submit” id=”popupbutton” class=”button button–dark”>Sign Up</button>
{% if form.errors %}
<p class=”newsletter__error align-c c3 mt05″>*Invalid email address, try again.</p>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endform %}


<script type=”text/javascript”>
function openFancybox() {
setTimeout( function() {$(‘#various1’).trigger(‘click’); },10000);
$(document).ready(function() {
var visited = $.cookie(‘visitedPopup4’);
if (visited == ‘yes’) {
return false;
} else {
$.cookie(‘visitedPopup4’, ‘yes’, { expires: 7 });
<!– Newsletter Popup END –>