Ship to Multiple Addresses PRO



Ship to Multiple Addresses Pro lets your client add products in their order to different addresses. You get details for each product and address in Order Details and in the Order Email. You can see screens of the product and addresses details in the screens below.

The PRO version of the plugin offers compatibility with most modern Woocommerce themes.
If you need technical assistance setting up the wholesale plugin with your store or any tweaks and adding additional functionality don’t hesitate to contact me at

See Preview
Ship to Multiple Addresses PRO
– you can add multiple addresses on click
– you can add products to each address box

– Upon purchase you will be able to download a zip with the PRO version of the plugin.
– Simply upload it through the backend in WordPress.
– Don’t worry if you already have the free version installed – this plugin will simply replace it, all your previous settings will remain in place.