Tricks & Tips

Vehicles Dashboard Dashboard – done with laravel and bootstrap – manages vehicles and brands along with a few search filter examples included.          

Rick and Morty Universe Catalogue

Visit: Use any user and pass to get past the login screen. A graphQL powered catalogue with a dummy login. Done using react-create-app. 

Laravel | WordPress | VueJs

Have you thought about using WordPress in combination with VueJs and Laravel? A small example of VueJs and Laravel build with a simple API used to read and write to the users table. Same principle can be used to build API endpoints that will serve content to the VueJs front-end. […]

How to disable automatic updates in WordPress

Has your site ever crashed or suffered because of unexpected Plugin or WordPress core update. If you want to have complete control over the autoupdate feature for plugins, core and themes you would want to use the following two code snippets. Goes in -> wp-config.php define( ‘WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE’, false ); define( […]

Standalone Newsletter Popup for Shopify

For those of you using Shopify on occasion here's an easy and standalone snippet that will give you a a popup with the default for Shopify newsletter form. There's a 10 second delay on the popup as well as it creates a cookie to prevent the popup from displaying again [...]

Clean WordPress Malware

WordPress Malware Removal Following a recent encounter with the latest WordPress Malware I decided to write this article. There are a number of WordPress malware infections like the popular wp-vcd / we_vcd infection that infects and spreads to the functions.php file of your theme. While this particular malware is nasty […]